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Tyler Is the Second Fashionista Editor to Recommend This Steamer

Really, it's that good.
PureSteam portable fabric steamer, $24.99, available on Amazon.

PureSteam portable fabric steamer, $24.99, available on Amazon.

Approximately one year ago, our own Dhani recommended this portable steamer for keeping all your clothes wrinkle free. Because I am a fool, and because I put off having real adult things for as long as possible, I ignored this recommendation. A few weeks ago, I decided it was time to own a steamer — because 1) ironing clothes is a pain in the ass, and 2) who in New York City has room for an ironing board, anyway? — so I asked my co-workers for their favorites. 

Dhani reminded me about this little guy from PureSteam, and the price (and NYC-friendly size) was right. Just a few uses in, I cannot believe I didn't get it sooner. It heats up fast (like, 30 seconds fast) and knocked the wrinkles out of my denim skirt just as quickly as it did my silk blouse. I was so impressed that I just kept shouting "WOW!" from the bathroom like that compilation of Owen Wilson saying it over and over. It really is that good.

PureSteam portable fabric steamer, $24.99, available on Amazon.

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