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The Velvet Jumpsuit Steph Wants to Be Draped in This Whole Month

It's self-care in sartorial form.
Rachel Antonoff Jewel jumpsuit, $298, available at Rachel Antonoff. 

Rachel Antonoff Jewel jumpsuit, $298, available at Rachel Antonoff

Listen, the world is a scary place right now. If you can find an item of clothing that not only makes you feel cozy and comfy and snuggly, but also brings you aesthetic joy, you should damn well wear it — and as much as possible. There's nothing wrong with indulging in a little self-care in sartorial form. From the moment I first spotted this velvet, emerald-hued jumpsuit from Rachel Antonoff's Fall 2017 collection, I was enamored. It's exactly what I want to wear for at least the next few months, beginning with Thanksgiving (that stretchy waistband — perfect!) and straight through to February.

To me, it strikes the perfect balance between the desire to don chic festive autumn-wear and the need to channel George Costanza's enduring fashion philosophy:

Rachel Antonoff has, indeed, made draping oneself in velvet more than just socially acceptable. She's made it cute and Instagrammable (social-media-ly acceptable?), too! As the item description on the Rachel Antonoff website puts it, "How often do you find a piece you would want to sleep in and wear to that Bat Mitzvah your ex is going to be at?" Never, that's how often!

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I'm not actually the proud owner of this magnificent piece just yet — it's still only available for pre-order — but I certainly hope to get my hands on it (and entire body into it) very soon.

Rachel Antonoff Jewel jumpsuit, $298, available at Rachel Antonoff.

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