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32 Ethical Fashion Pieces That Will Make Your Closet Instantly Cozier

We're taking the pain out of conscious consumption this winter.

Nothing necessitates shopping like a sharp change in the weather. The hole-riddled wool socks lying woefully at the bottom of your drawer and the sweater you accidentally shrunk in the wash could be ignored for most of fall, perhaps. But once the threat of winter's imminent arrival starts to make itself felt in freezing blusters of wind and drifts of snow, all those wardrobe conundrums you've been putting off start to feel more pressing.

Equally pressing for the conscious consumer is the desire to find pieces that are not only warm and well-designed, but ethically made, as well. Want to be sure your purchases support brands that are doing their part to take care of the people and environments touched by their supply chains? We've got your back. Here, find a selection of our favorite winter clothing from ethical fashion standbys like Nisolo and Reformation, as well as lesser-known gems like A Peace Treaty and Cienne. Happy browsing!

Cozy Tops

Whether you're a hypebeast looking for an organic hoodie to pair with your favorite sneakers or a flirty femme seeking a ruffle-bedecked knit sweater, there's something in here for you.


Millenial pink work boots? Check. Sensible brown Chelseas? Check. Red patent leather booties? Check. This selection will help you shop, whether you're looking for a new everyday shoe or something a little spicier for special occasions.

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Jackets and Outerwear

Your coat is the most-used garment in your repertoire once winter hits, so it's worth investing in a cute one. Here, a selection that will please minimalists and maximalists alike.


Accessories may be optional most of the year, but once that icy wind starts blowing, hats, scarves and gloves become a must. Here are a few that'll keep you toasty and maybe even cheer you up on gray days, too.

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