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The Eco-Friendly Tights Whitney Can't Wait To Try

I'm always having to throw out tights, so might as well buy some that are recycled — and recyclable.
Hanna seamless pantyhose, $34, available at Swedish Stockings

Hanna seamless pantyhose, $34, available at Swedish Stockings

Tights are generally a total scam, in my opinion. This is for three reasons. First, they promise to keep me warm but inevitably fail to follow through because there is NO WAY that a paper-thin bit of fabric is going to cut it mid-winter. Second, because they snag so easily that I basically have to buy new ones every season or resign myself to wearing hose with runs and pretending to channel Courtney Love even on days I'm not feeling it. That leads to the third reason: I'm increasingly trying to buy and care for clothing in an earth-friendly way, but tights are inherently disposable and therefore constantly end up in landfills. What's a girl to do?

These tights from Swedish Stockings can't necessarily solve the first two problems, but they can help with the third. The brand makes tights, pantyhose, socks and more that are recyclable and many, like this pair of seamless hose, are also made from recycled materials. I'm sure they're still not as warm as the fleece-leggings-layered-under-jeans combo I will wear most days this winter like the cold-hating creature I am, but on the days when wearing a dress will do more for my emotional well-being than warmth will, these are what I'll choose. And hey, if they snag beyond the point of wearability, I can always send them in to Swedish Stockings to recycle and receive a discount on the next pair I buy. Maybe I'll use that to try out this pair of cashmere tights next.

Hanna seamless pantyhose, $34, available at Swedish Stockings

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