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The Philippines-Inspired Statement Earring Whitney Is Coveting

I used to think fine jewelry was boring, and then I met TARA.
Purple hibiscus earring, $1,198, available at TARA.

Purple hibiscus earring, $1,198, available at TARA.

Before I wrote about ethical luxury company TARA earlier this year, I had never been particularly passionate about fine jewelry. My general distaste for flashy, diamond-encrusted accessories means I'm usually more interested in costume pieces, even though I know they're significantly less valuable. But TARA's rich backstory and consistently gorgeous campaign imagery intrigued me, and the brand's atypical materials — like abalone, black diamonds and opals — were interesting to me in a way the ubiquitous white-diamond-and-yellow-gold-combos that fill most jewelry counters weren't.

Fast forward to today, and you'll still find me still thinking about the brand. With an emphasis on ethical production and design that feels timeless without being boring, it's the kind of fine jewelry that I can actually get excited about. And as a Manila-raised girl myself, I've always loved TARA's strong ties to the Philippines. 

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That was especially true of the brand's latest collection, Laro, which features pieces inspired by TARA founder and designer Annette Lasala Spillane's own childhood in the country of 7,000 islands. The purple hibiscus earring is my favorite from the collection. It's modeled after the petal of a flower that Americans tend to associate with Hawaii, but that will always remind me of home. And quite frankly, even if I had never seen a hibiscus flower IRL, I think the organic elegance of this big dangly piece would still entice me. If I ever decide to sink my savings into fine jewelry pieces that are meant to be passed on to the next generation, it's pretty clear which brand will be getting my money.

Purple hibiscus earring, $1,998, available at TARA

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