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Whitney Desperately Needs This Beanie

How on earth has my nearly bald head survived winter's chill this long without one?
Boshi beanie, $71, available at A Kind of Guise

Boshi beanie, $71, available at A Kind of Guise

Considering I'm someone who is entering her second winter armed with only a quarter-inch of hair on her head, it would be fair to assume that I would've accrued a plethora of hats that keep me from regretting my buzzcut every time a cold wind blows. But that, unfortunately, is incorrect: I own only one warm hat that I don't hate, and it's a vintage fur trapper hat that a friend found amongst the possessions of a European aristocrat. (Don't worry, she didn't steal it. Probably.) I love it and it's incredibly warm, but it's very extra in a way that can feel a bit silly if I don't plan my coat and shoe choices around it.

This lack of options has got to change. It's high time that I add some more low-key, un-conspicuous headgear to my repertoire. I'd like to start with a German-made beanie from A Kind of Guise; a cherry red one would be nice for dreary days, but I'd also like to stock up on more standard gray or black options, too, for even more versatility. Practicality and warmth, here I come.

Boshi beanie, $71, available at A Kind of Guise

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