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Watch Ashley Graham Pull a Sled in Lingerie in the Latest 'Love' Advent Video

No, not the snow-ready kind of sled; we're talking the gym kind.

While Love technically kicked off its annual Advent calendar series on Friday with a compilation featuring teasers of what's to come, Saturday was the first day that a full video was released. Directed by Phil Poynter, the black-and-white film showcases Ashley Graham performing a sled-pull while wearing a mesh bra, high-waisted underwear, high-top sneakers and glam makeup. In keeping with this year's #staystrong theme, the clips depicts Graham doing something she's gone on record about actually using in her gym routine in the past. And while the video features as many close-up cleavage and butt shots as one would expect from Love's Advent series, a slide at the end of the video declares that Graham found the process empowering, rather than objectifying.

"Shooting the Advent calendar is a true expression of self love," the quote attributed to Graham reads. "We are powerful, we are resilient, and we run the world."

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