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16 Silk Pajama Sets to Wear While Holiday Loungin'

For when you want to feel fancy while doing absolutely nothing.
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Photo: @morgan_lane/Instagram

Photo: @morgan_lane/Instagram

We've just entered into peak marinating season, otherwise known as: the holidays. This means that over the next few weeks, we'll be gifting, toasting and lounging amongst our closest family and friends while enjoying a very chill, cider-filled respite from work. Thus, this period marks the perfect time to invest in some super-chic sleepwear that'll make you feel all dolled up and like you're worth a million bucks — depending on the set you choose, the latter may or may not be the case — when you're really doing absolutely nothing. 

And a set of silk pajamas really fits the fancy jammie bill, as there are few luxuries in life that compare to (quite literally) slipping into bed while wearing shiny nighties. This is simply because, when put on, they're a smooth departure from the itchiness of wool sweaters and the thickness of most winter apparel; instead, they're lightweight, soft and comfortable enough to take you into a deep, restorative slumber. And what's more, there's something extra-glam about putting on silky separates to both sleep and lounge in; I bet fabulous women of decades past — like, say, a Coco Chanel — retreated to their boudoirs draped in the lustrous fabric, rather than an oversize T-shirt. 

Without further ado, click through the gallery below for 16 silk pajama sets to live in this holiday season. 

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