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Beyoncé Just One-Upped Every Street Style Star With This Long-Belted Look

Never before have jorts and a T-shirt looked so damn stylish.

Listen, the developments of 2017 may have shaken us to our very cores and caused us to question a lot of the things we once knew to be fact. But thankfully, there remains one truth that is just as reliable as ever: Beyoncé is literally better than everyone at everything. And yes, that obviously includes wearing clothes. While street style stars have been attempting to pull off long belts for months, Queen B just came through and one-upped them all in one fell swoop with her own take on the trend.

In a look dreamed up by her go-to stylist Zerina Akers, Beyoncé paired a floor-length, grommeted Y/Project belt with Saint Laurent's slouchy, knee-high sparkle boots, Off-White jorts, a Balenciaga T-shirt and a tangle of layered necklaces. On your average Instagirl, this combination of street style's trendiest items du jour may have been a bit much. But on Beyoncé? Suffice it to say that never before have jorts and a T-shirt looked so damn stylish.

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