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Chloe X Halle Are Poised to Take the Fashion World (and the Universe) by Storm

These talented Cool Teens™ are pure, professional, positive vibes.
Chloe x Halle. Photo: BFA

Chloe x Halle. Photo: BFA

If you have any doubt that Chloe x Halle — you know, the Beyoncé protégées with over 70 million YouTube views and roles on the upcoming TV series "Grown-ish" — are going to be huge stars, all you need to do is meet them for reassurance. Despite being over 10 years my junior, these gorgeous sisters are more poised, professional, well-spoken, outwardly confident, energetic and put-together than I'll probably ever be. 

And while their talent alone will certainly take them far in music, it feels safe to predict they'll be making a big splash in the fashion realm as well. Already, they've been featured in glossies like Dazed, InStyle and Paper, walked in a Dolce & Gabbana show and attended countless fashion events wearing brands like Kenzo, Elie Saab, Rodarte and many more, building reputations as best-dressed list regulars and fashion risk takers.

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I sat down with them at a dinner thrown by ASOS in Los Angeles on Sunday to celebrate their cover of the UK-based retailer's magazine, which has become known over the years for featuring up-and-comers on the verge of taking off. For the magazine's Editor-in-Chief Francesca Babb, that was only one of the reasons Chloe x Halle were the perfect choice for ASOS's holiday issue. 

"It's been quite a tough couple of years, and I wanted to make it feel like the spirit of a party in the magazine without ignoring the fact that there’s been some stuff going on that's been difficult for everybody. I wanted people who didn't feel like they were sort of vacuously going to be throwing a party, but people who are just those rays of sunshine and positivity," she explained. "They have integrity and something to say, and want everyone to feel better and be having a good time."

This couldn't be more true; my Sunday scaries were immediately erased within five seconds of sitting down with these two young ladies, who radiate good vibes. Read on for our chat about '80s fashion, working with a stylist, how their aesthetics differ, the best fashion advice they've gotten from Beyoncé and their future fashion-world aspirations.

Photo: Courtesy of ASOS Magazine

Photo: Courtesy of ASOS Magazine

Tell me about the ASOS shoot. What did you think when they asked you to be on the cover? 

Chloe: Our reaction was like, 'Heck to the yeah!' We love ASOS and everything they stand for and we were just honored that they even asked us to be their cover girls. I remember being on the shoot everyone had great energy. I remember seeing the big rack of clothes and the colors were so bright because it was very influenced by the '80s, and we're just putting a modern twist.

What do you guys think of '80s style despite not being alive then?

Halle: I always thought 80s style was so cool; I love the bright, vivid colors. It's just a great way to express yourself when you're feeling really loud that day. I love it.

What is your approach to getting ready for an event like this, and working with your stylist?

Chloe: We have an incredible stylist, Zerina Akers, and we're like sisters. She definitely knows who we are internally so we can express that out externally. Some things I'll gravitate more towards than my sister and it works because, yes, we're the same but we're also different. We like to articulate that with our style, and I just love Zerina and how open we can be and we always like to take risks and be fun.

How would you say your styles differ? What do each of you tend to gravitate towards?

Halle: I definitely gravitate towards something where I can have air flow and free-flowing. My everyday style is really free: I love bell-bottom jeans, pants that are loose.

Chloe: For me I love the shape of a piece of clothing and the way it will make me feel; sometimes I love for it to hug my personal shape because I'm a young woman, I'm growing into my own, I'm learning to love who I am inside and out, but then I also like those weird abstract shapes where it's a bit experimental and we like to play with that.

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Aside from ASOS, what brands or designers are you obsessed with right now?

Chloe: We love Rodarte. Laura and Kate, they're sisters and they're just representing how powerful sisters can be. We love everything they stand for. We love shopping at the flea market on Melrose.

Halle: I have an addiction to online shopping I will admit. I love, I love ASOS, I love places you can find cute clothes.

Yarah Shahidi and Halle. Photo: BFA

Yarah Shahidi and Halle. Photo: BFA

Any other magazines you dream of being on the cover of one day?

Chloe: Teen Vogue; we know they stopped doing print, but we love Elaine so much, and being at the Teen Vogue Summit yesterday was so inspiring, kicking off the day up there. Teen Vogue has always inspired us. We love InStyle — we had the opportunity to do a shoot for them but doing a cover would be awesome — Elle, so many more.

Who are your style icons right now?

Chloe: I'm loving Rihanna's style right now; she is killing it. Bey's sister Solange, we love her. I love Grimes's style, too. I love her musically and stylistically.

Halle: Zoe Kravitz would have to be mine. She is so cool to me. Our mentor [Beyoncé] has great style, and Solange as well.

Has Beyoncé given you any style advice?

Halle: She has always told us to be confident in everything we do. Seeing her confidence and being around her and that aura, it really inspires a girl, like, wow, maybe I could walk around like that and look as gorgeous as she is.

You guys walked in the Dolce & Gabbana show earlier this year — how was that? Any interest in walking a runway again?

Chloe: That was really fun and I'm so happy we got to experience that, because we know what it feels like. We can pull that experience and write about it, being songwriters. Anything we're down for learning about, dabbling in, and getting out of our comfort zone in any way because that's what life's about.

Would you ever want to start your own clothing line?

Halle: Oh absolutely yes, that is definitely a dream. Hopefully one day.

Chloe: That would be so fun to do with you!

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