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Doutzen Kroes Does a Little Cardio On Day 9 of 'Love' Advent

"Today is jump rope day."

The 2017 Love Advent Calendar roll-out is going strong — and yes, we mean that quite literally, given that many of the models involved are tasked with intensive on-camera workouts for the occasion. On day nine, model Doutzen Kroes did a little cardio and likely prompted plenty of people get an early jump (heh) on setting fitness-oriented New Year's resolutions.

"I am Doutzen Kroes. Today is jumprope day," the model proclaims at the beginning of the video. Then, clad in a sexy lace-up Agent Provocateur swimsuit (because Love Advent) she proceeds to demonstrate that very fact, with about a straight minute of impressive jumprope work on a sandy surface, gazing into a mirror placed conveniently nearby. "Stay strong," she later advises, gazing directly into the camera and flexing her (impressive) arm muscles.

To cap off the video, the text of a quote attributed to Kroes flashes across the screen: "I usually train jumping rope... It turned into a real workout and I was really sweating and that was me making the dust fly. It was great fun." 

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Watch the full video above.

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