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Gigi Hadid and Her Armpit Hair Get Sporty on Day 11 of 'Love' Advent [Updated]

It's freeform day!

Gigi Hadid is the latest star of Love's Advent Calendar, and she brings her own spin to the workout theme that has been present throughout each of the daily videos so far.

"I'm Gigi Hadid. Today is freeform day," the model declares at the beginning of the video, before taking that very much to heart by proceeding to jump, spar and generally flail about in various exercise-adjacent forms. There are multiple aspects of the video that have been personalized specifically to Hadid: Not only is the model's last name emblazoned along the bands of her shorts and bra — à la her Tommy Hilfiger collection — but she also hits around a volleyball, a nod to her past life as a competitive high school volleyball player.

While the Love Advent videos are sometimes a bit raw, they're also notorious for being slick and sexy — and the glam teams that work on them are amongst the industry's best. So, it's interesting to see that Hadid's video appears to be mostly un-retouched, which is perhaps most noticeable in the presence of her underarm five o'clock shadows. Noticeable body hair isn't exactly the norm when it comes to this series, so the fact that Hadid chose to forgo shaving before showing up for her shoot is a slightly unexpected change of pace. And we're here for it. It's freeform day! You do you, Geeg.

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You can watch the full video above.

UPDATE, Dec. 11, 1:30 p.m.: Hung Vanngo, the makeup artist who worked on the shoot, replied to one Instagram commenter pointing out Hadid's underarm hair, saying, "it's from the sweat & the dust of that building," expressing that this wasn't an intentional choice for the creative team.

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