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Hailey Baldwin Performs a Sexy Balancing Act in Pigtails on Day 13 of 'Love' Advent

"I love exercising in lingerie, I mean who doesn't?"
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Wednesday marks day 13 of the super-sexy, seasonal Love Advent Calendar, and the just-released video showcases Hailey Baldwin balancing on a Bosu ball in very sheer underwear, as one does. The clip, shot by Phil Poynter at New York City's Dogpound Gym, zooms in on Baldwin's bum as she lunges, squats, planks (with good form!) and does some slow leg raises, all while wearing a barely-there, white Agent Provocateur lingerie set. She also wears some seriously long pigtails and a pair of Adidas high socks with matching kicks for a very Baby Spice-meets-Sporty Spice aesthetic. 

Judging by Baldwin's video (and her very toned glutes), we can assume that the 21-year-old model spends plenty of time inside a boxing ring, and the Love Advent's "#StayStrong" theme this year gave her the perfect opportunity to show off both her gym skills and her butt. The short feature closes with a quote from Baldwin that reads: "I love exercising in lingerie, I mean who doesn't?" The majority of the population, probably — but in Instagirl world, scantily clad training sessions are par for the course.

You can watch Baldwin's full clip above.

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