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Kendall Jenner Shadowboxes for Herself on Day 4 of 'Love' Advent

Get you a supermodel who can do both.

It's day 4 of Love's annual Advent video series, and today, Katie Grand favorite Kendall Jenner steps up to the #StayStrong plate. How do you follow up Ashley Graham's killer sled-pull and Emily Ratajkowski's bewildering carbo-load? If you're Jenner, you play Rocky Balboa and his girlfriend Adrian.

Phil Poynter films Jenner "drinking" raw eggs (the video description claims she really did it, but I'll believe it when you can prove they didn't swap out a more appealing smoothie for the shot), shadowboxing and attempting a one-armed push-up. Remarkably, Jenner doesn't do any of this in lingerie, but rather an actually-practical sweatsuit. On the other side, Jenner also cheers herself on in an oversize suit and beret.

It's hard to say whether her form is actually correct (the video description also says she boxed under Gotham Gym owner Rob Piela), but considering that Jenner is no stranger to pissing off professional athletes, we doubt she really cares.

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