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Kylie Cosmetics is Launching A $360 Makeup Brush Set [Updated]

Are they imbued with some sort of special Jenner magic?
The Kylie Cosmetics Silver Series Brush Collection. Photo: @kyliecosmetics/Instagram

The Kylie Cosmetics Silver Series Brush Collection. Photo: @kyliecosmetics/Instagram

While Kylie Jenner was busy transforming her house into a Christmas wonderland on Thursday, her company Kylie Cosmetics was occupied with announcing the third component of its "Silver Series," launching on Dec. 13. In addition to the range of bullet lipsticks and a diverse array of concealers announced earlier in the week, the brand will be putting out a new, 17-piece makeup brush set.

The shiny, silver-and-white collection includes 16 "luxury brushes," which the brand described on Instagram as "all of Kylie's must-haves," as well as a silver brush roll to house them all. In addition to offering the complete, limited-edition set for a whopping $360, Kylie Cosmetics will also be selling each brush individually.

The full breakdown of the brushes included (and individual pricing) is as follows:

1. Large Powder Brush $48
2. Large Stippling Brush $30
3. Medium Tapered Brush $28
4. Dense Powder Brush $26
5. Angled Face Brush $24
6. Rounded Face Brush $28
7. Medium Stippling Brush $22
8. Small Fluff Brush $22
9. Fan Brush $20
10. Large Shader Brush $20
11. Angled Blending Brush $16
12. Medium Shader Brush $20
13. Small Shader Brush $18
14. Concealer Brush $18
15. Tapered Blending Brush $20
16. Small Smudge Brush $18

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Now about that $360 price point... Hey, quick question: Why? The brushes, metallic and glinty though they may be, seem fairly basic to have such a high price tag. Are they imbued with some sort of special Jenner magic we're not aware of? The cost is especially baffling considering that just last year, Kylie Cosmetics sold a different, five-piece brush set for a mere $35 — and at one point even offered it as a free gift with purchase when shoppers scooped up the Kyshadow palette (that meant people could spend just $42 and receive the palette and the brushes).

But hey, with $420 million in sales in 18 months and a fast-track to becoming a $1 billion company, Kylie Cosmetics knows what it's doing. Who are we to question it?

Update, Dec. 9, 9:11 p.m.: Jenner took to Twitter to explain the brush prices, calling the tools the "most amazing luxury brushes ever" and noting that because they are "real," or made from animal hairs, rather than synthetic fibers.

She also posted a photo showing the prices of other brush sets on the market she views as comparable in quality (and therefore also in price), like the Artis Elite Mirror Brush Set.

Jenner finished off her defensive Tweet storm by telling Kylie Cosmetics fans that she's taken their complaints to heart:

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