The Perfect Going Out Top That Made Dara Embrace the Boob Cage

Say what you will, but this cherry red knit is especially hard to resist.
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Orseund Iris Off Shoulder Knit Red, $260, available at Orseund Iris.

Orseund Iris Off Shoulder Knit Red, $260, available at Orseund Iris.

I always look for Going Out Outfits that will separate me from the masses of black flowy tops, knee-ripped jeans, platform booties, lace-up bodysuits, bondage-y dresses or really, anything that's a basic and boring display of cleavage and butts; I would rather wear a blush-colored velvet PJ set to a bar than any of the aforementioned options.

I do think a night on the town is the perfect excuse to layer on a smoldering red lip and to wear something that accentuates your most beloved features, but that doesn't mean sticking to a dark color family and limiting yourself to detail-less, skin-tight silhouettes or complimentary, drapey shapes: I'm a big fan of bold hues, unusual cutouts and interesting embellishments. Enter this cherry red off-the-shoulder ribbed knit top with exposed bra cup detail and flared sleeves, which I discovered on Instagram. 

The top hails from the New York-based non-seasonal label Oseund Iris, which makes a number of ultra-cropped turtleneck knits and a wide assortment of tops with boob cages. And while I've never experimented with built-in cups at the bustline, I'm willing to try it out, seeing as how various designers have already adopted the trend. Plus, it's a stark contrast from the overly done, plunging V-neckline highlighted in one too many Snapchat and Instagram stories from Saturday night. 

Orseund Iris Off Shoulder Knit Red, $260, available at Orseund Iris

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