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Slick Woods' 'Love' Advent Video Is Probably Going To Catch Shade From Ballerinas

Did we not learn anything from the great Kendall Jenner ballet debacle of 2016?

The latest installment of Love's Advent calendar videos, dropped Tuesday morning, features the inimitable Slick Woods. And while she's undeniably one of the coolest models in the game right now, it seems quite likely that her contribution to the calendar might not go over so well. Why? Well, because the video features the model attempting ballet moves with what can only be described as Bad Form.

In case you're not clear on why this is a problem, let us remind you of a little incident from the fall of 2016, in which Kendall Jenner was brutally dragged on the internet by everyone from Abby Lee Miller of "Dance Moms" fame to Dance Spirit magazine for her terrible form in a ballet-themed editorial that ran in Vogue España. And in 2014, the ire of the ballet community was directed with similar force at Free People for an ad that — you guessed it — featured ballet being practiced with improper form.

Seeing celebrities or models dancing with less-than-perfect ability might seem like a non-issue to the untrained, but the truth is that bad form can lead to serious injury. Plus, for many in the dance community, it can be frustrating to see non-dancers scoring dance-related jobs based on their pretty faces or social media notoriety when they haven't put in the hard work that it takes to actually learn ballet.

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If there's anything that might shield Slick from the ire of Serious Ballerinas, it may be the fact that her Advent video doesn't do much in the way of trying to pretend she's an actual dancer. In the context of this year's Advent theme, it should be clear that she, like many others in the series, is simply supposed to be working out — and even that is portrayed in an obviously fantastical way, because who would believe in the reality of a gym session that's undertaken in thigh-high stilettos and a puffer jacket? Love clearly isn't prioritizing realism here.

Either way, it's evident that Slick herself doesn't mean any disrespect. The end of the video features a quote from Slick reading "Now everyone can see what ballet looks like on the inside. Shit ain't sweet, those girls are savage athletes." 

Agreed, Slick. Let's hope that savagery doesn't get taken out on you.

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