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SZA Adds Some Much-Needed Color to an Icy Winter Travel Day

The singer-songwriter boarded a private jet in a statement puffer, camo pants and a bright orange Wu Wear beanie.
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Over the weekend, while we were cozied up under the covers avoiding winter and its near-whiteout conditions, R&B singer SZA was making a Balenciaga statement on an icy runway. The rising star, who just concluded the North American tour for her latest album "Ctrl," expertly navigated slush puddles leading up to a private jet, which she documented on her Instagram (we would do the same thing if we flew private). 

Dressed in a weather-appropriate and travel-friendly bright pink Balenciaga puffer — we're betting the extra padding makes for a very comfortable neck pillow — and roomy camo surplus pants, SZA mounted the plane with a mini Gucci backpack in hand and chunky sneakers on her feet. The singer-songwriter clearly doesn't believe in a drab, minimalist winter wardrobe, because she topped off her colorful look with an orange Wu Wear beanie emblazoned with the classic Wu Tang Clan logo. 

We would expect nothing less than baggy pants, logos and pattern experimentation from the cool vocalist who's stylist, Dianne Garcia, told us that her clothes reflect a "'90s girl next door, super-relatable vibe" a few months back. SZA clearly takes her throwback aesthetic very seriously, even when faced with the doldrums of winter and aggravation of air travel. 

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