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Hey, Quick Question: Did Victoria's Secret Really Think No One Would Notice It Ripped Off Pat McGrath?

Those sequins look... familiar.
Pat McGrath Labs' packaging vs. Victoria's Secret's. Photo: @diet_prada

Pat McGrath Labs' packaging vs. Victoria's Secret's. Photo: @diet_prada

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It's a busy time for Victoria's Secret. Fresh from its runway show in Shanghai, the lingerie giant is pulling out all the stops in hopes of getting shoppers in the door this holiday season. But ripping off one of fashion's most-revered and iconic forces is perhaps not the best way to do so. And yet, that's exactly what appears to have happened here. As fashion's friendly neighborhood knockoff sleuth @diet_prada first pointed out via Instagram on Monday, the lingerie retailer seems to have been very closely inspired by Pat McGrath's well-known, widely Instagrammed sequin product packaging.

Victoria's Secret is currently selling an "ornament" version of its Bombshell fragrance packaged in a shiny pink sleeve filled with shiny pink sequins. For anyone who has ever laid eyes on a Pat McGrath Labs product, the resemblance is about as subtle as those Angel wings were when they smacked Ariana Grande head on.

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In addition to calling out Victoria's Secret for its recent examples of tone-deafness — "ill-advised 'tribal' runway looks," for one — @diet_prada shamed Victoria's Secret for "knocking off the mythical goddess," adding that "the way to win women back is DEFINITELY not by copying them." We couldn't have put it much better ourselves, especially given McGrath's penchant for supporting others in the industry.

Victoria's Secret, what gives? Did you really think no one would notice? 

A representative from Victoria's Secret declined to provide a comment to Fashionista on the matter.

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