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The Blanket Scarf Dara's Neck Never Wants to Be Without This Winter

Meet my favorite warm wrap.
Two Tone Wool Blanket Scarf, $85, available at & Other Stories. 

Two Tone Wool Blanket Scarf, $85, available at & Other Stories

Before moving to a place where bomb cyclones were a thing, I thought a jacket and hand coverings would keep me warm enough to face the outdoors when temperatures start hovering around my age — a youthful 23 – but they don't. Getting dressed for winter is an ordeal: First you layer up underneath, so not even the smallest sliver of ankle is exposed. Then, you pile on turtlenecks and sweaters, followed by a long down coat, gloves, a hat and the critically important scarf — I've found that a wool neck embrace from a picnic blanket-size scarf is the way to go. 

I purchased my first cozy neck swaddle three years ago, before studying abroad in Paris. Slightly unsure of how to wear the thing — because it looked like an elegant Snuggie — I surveyed my surroundings and did as the French did, which was to wrap the scarf around my neck as many times as I could. Despite a momentary loss of breath (don't wrap it too tight!) I quickly learned that a sheet of wool would become my go-to cold-weather armor. And ever since then, I've made it my annual January tradition to buy a new blanket scarf I can bury my neck and chin in all season long. For 2018, I've chosen this two-tone wool blanket scarf from & Other Stories. Its oversize silhouette will keep multiple parts of my upper body nice and cozy, and its beige color complements my brown eyes (the only thing you really see of my face during New York City's current state of utter chill).  

Two Tone Wool Blanket Scarf, $85, available at & Other Stories

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