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Brie Larson Knows Exactly How to Dress for Arctic Weather Without Looking Frumpy

She's mastered winter accessories and cozy layering.
Brie Larson. Photo: @brielarson/Instagram

Brie Larson. Photo: @brielarson/Instagram

So far, 2018 has welcomed most of the country with incredibly cold, blustery temperatures. Happy New Year! But we're guessing your resolution wasn't to start dressing as frumpy as possible; if it was, that's cool, you do you. That's why learning the art of layering can be a winter fashion game-changer. One person who seems to have that skill on lock? Brie Larson.

The actress paid a visit to the "Twin Peaks"-inspired "Bang Bang Bar" pop-up in Los Angeles over the holidays, and while LA may not be known for its cold weather, Larson nailed practical, chic winter dressing there nonetheless.

Larson started with a pair of excellent cuffed, wide-leg jeans (by Sea), which she paired with a simple black turtleneck (the key to any truly warm outfit), a leopard-printed moto-style jacket by Shrimps with a fuzzy collar and pointy black boots. She topped the whole look off with an on-trend beaded navy beret, proving that she has, indeed, mastered winter accessories on top of her clothing layering talents. We'll be looking to this get-up for inspiration as we bundle ourselves and face the cold, beret-first.

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