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The Wide-Leg Trousers Maria Can't Stop Thinking About

Harry Styles, behold your impact.
Cos Wide-leg Wool Trousers, $95 (from $135), available at

Cos Wide-leg Wool Trousers, $95 (from $135), available at

A friendly reminder: We are big — huge! — fans of Harry Styles here at Fashionista. Not only are our walls covered in magazine tear-outs from his latest fashion shoots, but we constantly keep track of his style (shout out #1 Haz stan Maura), we regularly promote his inevitable campaign with Gucci (#Harry4Gucci) and a few of us have tickets for his upcoming concert in New York this year. I'll admit that I was never a big One Directioner, but I've always been fascinated by Styles because he's so freakin' charming. (I mean, just look at him!) And ever since I joined the Fashionista team more than two years ago, my admiration for him has exponentially increased: Every song of his is a gift from the music gods; every music video is five minutes of pure delight; every outfit can only be best described as *chef's kiss.*

Speaking of his outfit choices, I can't seem to stop thinking about a pair of wide-legged trousers that Styles wore from his documentary with Apple Music. He wore these pants specifically during intimate performances of his debut solo album, which you can see when he sings "Kiwi" here. Bold sartorial choices like that inspire me to make some of my own big moves when it comes to getting dressed, and luckily, I found a similar pair of trousers on sale at Cos. Could this be a sign that I should give the wide-leg silhouette a try? I'd even go so far as pair it with a black T-shirt and loafers to recreate the singer's exact ensemble. Harry Styles, behold your impact.

Cos Wide-leg Wool Trousers, $95 (from $135), available at

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