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David Beckham Is Launching a Men's Grooming Line with L'Oréal

Meet House 99.
David Beckham. Photo: Jon Bond - WPA Pool/Getty Images

David Beckham. Photo: Jon Bond - WPA Pool/Getty Images

The Beckhams are coming to take over the beauty industry. In 2016, Victoria launched a highly successful makeup line in collaboration with Estée Lauder, and she's been up front about her desire to do more in the beauty space. Apparently that's a family philosophy, because her husband David just announced his own foray into beauty. The professional good-looks-haver and soccer player has partnered with L'Oréal for his own men's grooming line, House 99.

Launching in February, the brand "marks the first time in years that L'Oréal has kicked off a freestanding brand from scratch," notes WWD. It's true, especially in the recent past, that beauty conglomerates such as L'Oréal and Lauder have preferred acquiring established existing brands as a means of expanding their portfolios; that Beckham's brand is being built from the ground up — and in the men's space, no less — is an interesting gamble for the company. (Given that, according to WWD, "industry sources project that House 99 will generate retail sales of $50 million in its first year on counters worldwide," it's probably a safe one.)

Beckham took to Instagram to announce the news early on Tuesday morning, posting a video and a series of photos:

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The brand also has its own polished-looking Instagram feed with more than 11,000 followers — so it's clearly doing something right already.

Beckham had been working toward a men's grooming line for years; he's dabbled in beauty before, with his own line of fragrances, and Fashionista first covered his plans to develop a skin-care line back in May of 2016. But House 99, which will include 21 SKUs, ranging from tattoo-specific skin-care products to face, body, shaving and hair products, seems to have been developed with lots of input and careful oversight from Beckham himself. "We went through very carefully and decided what I personally like and also what guys like," said Beckham in an interview with WWD. "In my world, it's very simple: Get up, shower, moisturize and then do the same before I go to bed. But obviously, we have added products that I feel are very personal to me."

And of course, Victoria had a hand in product development as well, specifically suggesting the idea of the brand's Softer Touch beard oil (a response to her husband's own facial hair, which she suggested needed to "smell better" and "be softer").

The range will be available first in the Beckhams' native country, the U.K., on Feb. 1, launching exclusively at Harvey Nichols stores, and then will roll out nationwide before expanding to retailers in 19 other countries beginning March 1.

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