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Minnie Mouse Is Getting Her Very Own Coach Collaboration

Creative director Stuart Vevers has even designed her a custom outfit.
Minnie Mouse in her custom Coach design with creative director Stuart Vevers. Photo: Coach

Minnie Mouse in her custom Coach design with creative director Stuart Vevers. Photo: Coach

It's no secret that Coach's Creative Director Stuart Vevers is a fan of all things Disney. In his time with the brand, he's whipped up collections featuring iconic Disney stars like Snow White, Sleeping Beauty and, of course, Mickey Mouse

"It's quite a personal love that I have introduced to Coach," he says. "Mickey Mouse was one of the first collaborations I did, because it must be one of the most recognizable things in the world. I felt that America's house of leather working with Disney, doing a collection with Disney, felt like a natural fit."

So naturally, when it came time for Mickey's longtime partner Minnie Mouse to get her own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame (and it's about time! This year marks Minnie's 90th birthday.), Vevers would get Coach involved with the celebration. The American luxury brand threw a special lunch in Los Angeles to fête Minnie, and Vevers created custom looks for both Minnie and Mickey to wear for the occasion, pictured below. 

The outfits are a special blend of the stars' own personal styles and quintessential Coach pieces. Mickey gets a cool leather moto jacket with custom patches, while Minnie will wear a red, prairie floral dress with crystal details at her shoes and in her hair bow. Vevers added black sequined polka dots to nail that signature Minnie Mouse style — especially since, in what is surely more than just a happy coincidence, Minnie is getting her star on January 22, National Polka Dot Day. Vevers also designed a special version of the Rogue bag, his favorite style, for Minnie.

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"It was that idea of looking at how you can bring the two different worlds together to create something new and fresh. Whenever we've done the special collections with Disney, I've always wanted to explore something that makes it feel surprising and new," he says. "How it's worked in the past is I've gone with an idea, and shared it with Disney; generally, they've been really open to try new things. I've wanted to do something that feels different, something that feels like fashion."

Minnie Mouse in her custom Coach design. Photo: Coach

Minnie Mouse in her custom Coach design. Photo: Coach

And luckily, those of us who aren't cartoon mice can benefit from this collaboration. Vevers has designed a special capsule collection for Coach inspired by illustrations of Minnie in the '60s and '70s. He combed through Disney's archive for the graphics splashed across tees and on patches sprinkled across bags. To keep things feeling fashion-y, Vevers also referenced surf and skate culture from the time, which inspired the washed-out color palette. If you don't manage to get your hands on one of these special pieces, don't fret: We're guessing this won't be the last time Vevers finds inspiration in the magical world of Disney. 

"I visited the parks many times, all over the world — it's transporting," he continues. "As a creative, I'm really amazed at the creativity and thought, and dreaming that goes into these things. I find a connection to the work that I do; it's about dreaming and imagining, and being creative. The main thing is it's joyful, it's optimistic."

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