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Whitney Needs to Add Roughly 100 More Simple Sweaters to Her Wardrobe

Starting with this one.
Wool-cashmere rib oversized turtleneck, $125, available at Everlane

Wool-cashmere rib oversized turtleneck, $125, available at Everlane

When my school introduced uniforms partway through my seventh-grade year, I was horrified. As a tween who had recently discovered thrifting and dearly loved the "granny clothes" some of my classmates made fun of me for wearing, the thought of giving up on my primary outlet for self-expression seemed like a true injustice. The one redeeming factor of uniforms proved to be the fact that on "free dress days," those rare Fridays when uniforms weren't required, I was able to plan ahead and dress to the nines every time. This helped lend me the aura of someone who Knew About Fashion, even if I only really put effort into my clothing once a month.

Recently, I've unwittingly fallen into a similar pattern. I still enjoy dressing creatively when fashion month rolls around or when I know I'll be at an event that demands the best of my style, but most days, I end up throwing on something pretty effortless, like jeans, black boots and a simple sweater. It's a good system, but considering that I've erred on the side of shopping for more "fun" pieces for so long, my wardrobe still hasn't quite caught up to my need for more go-with-everything options. That's why I'm on the hunt to add more reliable, everyday basics, like this Everlane turtleneck, to my closet. It's the kind of thing that I can see myself reaching for over and over on those days when I'm too lazy to actually think about my outfit, but it won't make me look like a total slob, either.

Wool-cashmere rib oversized turtleneck, $125, available at Everlane

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