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We Need to Talk About the Superfluous Packaging in Beauty and Fashion Mailings

Do you find yourself raging about packing peanuts, or do you love a dramatic unboxing moment? Take our quick survey and share your experience.

In Fashionista's Manhattan office, it's not uncommon to see a pile of boxes, tissue paper, gift bags and other detritus forming beside our trashcan and recycling bin. It's a mound made of all the packaging that encases the various fashion and beauty products we receive, and we're guessing we're not the only people in the industry who deal with what feel like mountains of mailing-related cardboard, paper and plastic. While we (usually) appreciate the things brands send our way, we are occasionally disturbed by the seemingly unnecessary and potentially wasteful amount of packaging materials used in the process.

So we want to talk about it.

Does the amount of packaging used in industry mailings you receive or send bother you, or is it something you've never really considered before? Regardless of the size of your company or your particular role, we want to hear from you if you work in fashion or beauty.

We put together a quick survey on the matter. It's totally anonymous and only takes a few minutes to complete, but we're hopeful that the responses we receive will lead to a better understanding of how fashion and beauty people really feel about excess packaging.

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The greater the number of responses, the more accurate the results will be, so complete it yourself right here and then send it to your fashion pals! We'll share key insights from the survey in the coming months.

Click here to take Fashionista's survey about potential waste in mailings.

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