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How Much Does Your Fashion Job Pay?

Make sure you're getting what you deserve in 2018 by taking this 1-minute survey.
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This survey is closed. Stay tuned for the results!

It's the start of a new year, and if you haven't recently gotten a raise, it's probably something that's on your mind. Even as discussions of wage gaps intensify, salary remains a taboo topic of public conversations. That's why we started compiling a fashion salary survey in 2014.

Once again, we'd love it if you could tell us how much your fashion job is paying you. Our survey is short and totally anonymous, so no one will ever know how much you, personally, make. But it will let you know what others at your level, in your field, are making on average, and help those starting out know what to expect.

We've even updated the survey slightly this year to improve accuracy; plus, the more people who take it, the more accurate the results will be. 

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It take less than one minute: Take it here and share with your friends! We'll share the results next month.

Click here to take Fashionista's 2018 salary survey.

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