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Whitney Can't Stop Thinking About This Pink Fear of God Jacket

Deliver me, oh Lord.
Pink silk bomber jacket, $1500, available at Ssense

Pink silk bomber jacket, $1500, available at Ssense

As someone who's been acutely interested in the intersection of fashion and religion for many years now, the success of Fear of God — a streetwear label literally named after a devotional reference and founded by a devout designer who speaks at church conferences — is endlessly intriguing to me. Jerry Lorenzo is a polarizing figure amongst my fashion dude friends who come from religious backgrounds: One regularly DMs me shoe pics from Lorenzo's Instagram with notes like "please to go to Kith and touch them for me," while another recently claimed he was "gon go fisticuffs" if I brought up Lorenzo in a fashion conversation ever again.

Which is to say, I've heard plenty of pros and cons in reference to the brand. But regardless of what anyone thinks of Lorenzo and his ideology, I can't get past the fact that I really, really love this pink silk bomber, which I first spotted on Lorenzo's wife Desiree at the VFiles show at New York Fashion Week last February. Since then, it's been worn by Offset, Yara Shahidi and a whole host of other people with more clout than me — not to mention that it's currently displayed prominently in the Kith window near our office, which seems designed to tempt me. Lord, please deliver me from my desire to spend a ridiculous amount of money on a garment I definitely don't need. Amen.

Pink silk bomber jacket, $1500, available at Ssense

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