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Pat McGrath Is Launching a Lip Balm That's Sure to Best All Other Lip Balms

Meet Lip Fetish.
Pat McGrath Labs Lip Lust. Photo: Courtesy of Pat McGrath Labs

Pat McGrath Labs Lip Lust. Photo: Courtesy of Pat McGrath Labs

Makeup artist Pat McGrath spent the holidays teasing her social media followers with cryptic posts hinting that a new Pat McGrath Labs product would be dropping soon. (Pat, ever heard of taking a vacation?) The teasers showed a white variation on McGrath's iconic gold-lip-adorned lipstick tube and noted that said product would be the "key to a perfect pout," without offering up much in the way of specifics. But on Tuesday afternoon, Mother went for the reveal: Meet Lip Fetish, the latest addition to the Pat McGrath Labs lip wardrobe.

Upon first glance of the pale, pearly-hued bullet, my imagination immediately began to run wild: Is this one of those fun, color-changing formulas, the enigmatic White-Mystery-flavored Air Head of the lip realm? Alas, no. But it's something arguably even better, especially this time of year, aka Chapped Season: lip balm. And it's not just any lip balm. According to a release from the brand, it's "a bespoke lip balm developed over the past two and a half decades on set and on the runway."

"Encapsulated in Mother's wondrous white lacquered bullet #patmcgrathlabs #LipFetish delivers luscious lips infused with anti-aging and antioxidant ingredients; moisturizing, protecting and priming your lips as it melts into every curve, imparting a luxuriously lightweight, silky smooth feel and sensuously subtle sheen," wrote McGrath in the caption accompanying her Instagram post. "The alluringly divine balm is the seductive secret to a killer kiss."

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Lip Fetish comes more than a year after the overwhelming success of the brand's Skin Fetish, a highlighting kit that created a dewy, luminous glow and flawless complexion for which McGrath is known. Assuming this lip iteration creates an even vaguely similar type of pretty sheen, it's sure to be a knockout. 

"It repairs, restores and replenishes lips, keeping them sensually smooth and leaving them with a dewy, luminous finish," said McGrath via a press release. "I've been using Lip Fetish for the last year on set, on location and on the runways — from menswear to couture — and it is legendary!" The press release also bills it as a unisex product, in keeping with McGrath's recently-released unisex merch line.

Pat McGrath Labs Lip Fetish will retail for $38 and will be available exclusively on beginning on Jan. 4 at 12 p.m. EST.

This post has been updated to include additional information and quotes from the brand.

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