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The Romantic Pink Velvet Blouse Maura Would Save for Special Fashion Occasions

It's on sale right now!
Clemence Top in Dusty Rose, $135 ($270), available at Staud.

Clemence Top in Dusty Rose, $135 ($270), available at Staud.

Listen, when millennials started craving the color pink in droves a couple of years ago, I was thrilled. I've always been a fan, especially when it's of the milkier, more delicious ballet variety. It's timeless, versatile and according to the Clash's Paul Simonon, the only true rock 'n' roll color. But after pink reached its peak saturation point and, relatedly, Kendall Jenner started calling it an appetite suppressant, I was ready to move on; I still believe pineapple yellow deserves much more attention from our age demographic than it's getting.

Try as I might, though, I can't quit pink. I still see it on to-go bags at lunchtime, on endless arrays of beauty and skin-care products, on Chanel Haute Couture gowns fit for a sophisticated English garden party. But I also still see it on clothes, and that's when I get into the real trouble.

Recently, while perusing Staud's e-commerce offerings, I landed upon this perfectly pink corset-inspired blouse in a silky, vintage-washed velvet. I should note that this is not the first this has happened to me with Staud, the absolutely excellent Los Angeles-based label that is somehow behind all the clothes I like on Instagram, but this time was special. It was my exact favorite shade of pink — that rich watermelon hue — with an interesting neckline and neat, flouncy sleeves. Wear it with jeans and weird-but-cool loafers; wear it with denim shorts and bubblegum Converse high-tops; wear it with black tuxedo pants and simple pointy-toed ankle boots. Wear it until it falls apart and millennials have moved onto a whole new color palette. But most of all, wear it for yourself.

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Did I mention it's on sale right now?

Clemence Top in Dusty Rose, $135 ($270), available at Staud.

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