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Stella McCartney's Fall Presentation Was Basically a VIP-Only Coachella

The evening featured surprise performances by Børnes, Leon Bridges, Grimes and even a brief appearance by Sir Paul McCartney himself.
Paul McCartney, Kate Hudson, Stella McCartney and Goldie Hawn. Photo: BFA

Paul McCartney, Kate Hudson, Stella McCartney and Goldie Hawn. Photo: BFA

One of the main reasons a designer from New York or farther so, Europe might choose to hold a show or event in Los Angeles is, simply: celebrities. There are more of them here, and as a result, I've found the celebrity-to-normal-human ratio at fashion events to be consistently a bit higher in LA than in New York. But Stella McCartney's Autumn 2018 "presentation" (let's call it what it was: a party) in Hollywood Tuesday night unequivocally had the most celebrities I've ever seen in one place. I've never been to the Met Gala, but I imagine this was like a 1,000-times-more-chill version of that. And they weren't all cordoned off into a private VIP area or behaving like paid guests, taking photos and standing around looking bored until they were allowed to leave; rather, they were just hanging out, drinking, mingling with their friends (other celebrities) and taking in the mini-music festival McCartney had set up within SIR Studios — a perfectly authentic, dusty, old-school music studio celebrating its 50th anniversary this year.

We spotted Amy Poehler and Kate Bosworth loitering with friends near the entrance; Miranda July taking photo booth pics with Clare Vivier; Katy Perry performatively eating pizza for iPhone-wielding onlookers out of a Stella McCartney-branded box; Emma Roberts (sans those severe Critics’ Choice Awards bangs) checking her hair in a mirror; McCartney hugging Dakota Johnson... It was truly all a blur of A-listers.

We left early (if 10:30 p.m. on a Tuesday counts as early) after surprise performances by Børnes, Leon Bridges, The Beatles cover supergroup Dr. Pepper's Jaded Hearts Club Band (joined briefly by the designer's father, Sir Paul McCartney himself) and Grimes, though we still missed St. Vincent and Beck. The event's informality prevented us from knowing who was going on and when, but also made the whole thing feel special. It was all a testament to McCartney's own star power and music-industry connections, qualities that have likely been instrumental in her success, alongside a passion for making clothes men and women actually want to wear, and making them as ethically as possible.

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Which, oh yeah, the clothes. Models were instructed to stand/exist in a few different locations throughout the venue and rotated throughout. Some stood on risers near the stage and "danced" with a somewhat comical lack of enthusiasm; others sat in a lounge area and were actually permitted to drink, eat and play video games. (Though we overheard one complaining about the heat: They were all wearing fall/winter looks, after all.) But like so many of these types of events, the clothes were not really the point, and can be seen more clearly in the look book images, anyway.

See those, and in the galleries below.



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