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The Wool-Cashmere Scarf That Would Make Maura Feel Like That Lenny Kravitz Meme

You know, *that* meme.
Aleks wool-cashmere scarf, $145, available at The Arrivals.

Aleks wool-cashmere scarf, $145, available at The Arrivals.

Coziness as both a concept and a conscious aesthetic is having its 15 minutes right now, to which I say: Honestly, find me a single person (besides Anna Dello Russo, because, yes, obviously) who would take offense to that. We all love to wear oversize sweaters, floofy socks and fleece-lined sweatpants out of the house. We also all love to look like this (which, we should note, has been Photoshopped a bit of of proportion, but its enormity still stands):

Here at Fashionista, we, like Lenny Kravitz, love to take household objects (throw blankets!) and incorporate them into our wardrobe in the name of coziness. I'm looking to do a little more of that in 2018, which is why I'm in the market for a great, large, warm, soft scarf. This wool-and-cashmere number from The Arrivals fits the bill. It's grey, which I like my scarves to be for some reason; it's ribbed, to add a bit of texture; and it's very, very big, which means it could double as a Desk Blanket. That's good news all around if you ask me, or if you ask Lenny Kravitz.

Aleks wool-cashmere scarf, $145, available at The Arrivals.

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