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11 Beauty Influencers to Watch in 2018

These are the up-and-coming Instagrammers and YouTubers you'll want to keep up with in the new year.
Photo: violette_fr/Instagram

Photo: violette_fr/Instagram

The start of every new year is a time for rejuvenation — it's a time to reinvent yourself, reintroduce healthy practices that've fallen to the wayside and kick poor habits. And, like ridding your life of toxic relationships and focusing on cultivating those that mean most, unfollowing social media accounts that clutter your feeds and replacing them with creators who inspire you can be refreshing.

To that end, we've scoured the depths of Instagram and YouTube to curate this list of up-and-coming beauty influencers you're going to want to keep tabs on in 2018. These pioneers will be setting trends this year and, even if you've resolved to be a leader and not a follower in the new year, we promise you won't regret hitting the "follow" button when it comes to any of these artists.

Robin Black 

Black, who helms the popular blog Beauty Is Boring, is a triple threat, also working as a professional photographer and makeup artist. Her work has been featured internationally by the likes of Vogue, Vogue Italia, Elle, Allure, Harper's Bazaar, Interview, 10 Magazine, L’Officiel and Vanity Fair. With a feed full of crisp, beautifully photographed makeup shots, Black's work is eye candy, yes, but it's also a trove of beauty inspiration.

Catherine Martinez 

We're hoping to see a lot more inclusivity of all kinds in 2018, and we know Martinez will be at the forefront of pioneering it in at least one way. Her beauty tutorials are done entirely in sign language with closed captions, as she caters to the 28 million Americans (and more around the world) who are considered deaf or hard of hearing. 


The Brooklyn-based Estée Lauder global beauty director hails from Paris, and she's so French — but not in a played-out, cheesy French Girl trope way. The one-name makeup artist is also one of few beauty influencers with an aversion to contouring; rather, her Instagram is saturated with glitter, red lips and lush finishes.

Lupe Sujey Cuevas

This Mexican beauty influencer does an impeccable job of matching her makeup to her hair. From cranberry gold in the fall to vibrant holiday reds in the winter, she's got an impressive catalog of videos that'll get you through all the seasons this upcoming year.

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Sarah Feingold 

"No Basic Girls Allowed" — that's the name of Feingold's blog, and she stays true to that mantra by being anything but ordinary. In fact, her Instagram is so thoughtfully curated, the whole thing is color coordinated. You'll find eye shadows for almost every color-blocked collection of posts.


You'll want to keep a close eye on this Sri Lankan beauty influencer in 2018 because she truly does it all. Her YouTube channel runs the gamut from traditional Sri-Lankan makeup tutorials to Arabic-inspired eye shadow lessons to reviews of beauty products.

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Nyma Tang

Tang is a South Sudanese influencer who recently made a name for herself after producing a "Darkest Shade" series in which she tested foundations to see if they were deep enough for her skin tone. She even tried Kim Kardashian's first-ever contour kit and — spoiler alert! — the Deep Dark option wasn't exactly suited to her.

Ciera Mi Lunasa 

As a multiracial, Irish, curly-headed, blue-eyed beauty influencer living in Australia, Lunasa is a true original — and her Instagram is everything. Her YouTube offers useful tutorials for her curly-haired followers, but she's not only about hair and makeup. Lunasa is also a plant-based nutritionist and self-proclaimed "beach bum," so following her will mean you're in for health, fitness and relaxation tips, too.


This sometimes-pink-haired, sometimes-red-haired Chinese model and blogger rocks plaid and pigtails better than virtually everyone else on the planet over the age of 10. She shares videos on everything from costume makeup to popular beauty brand reviews on her YouTube channel.

Angela Guzman 

If you've ever wondered how to pull off yellow eyeliner, Guzman is your go-to source. In fact, she's always playing with different colors on her eyes and in her hair. That leaves us wondering what bold choices she'll make in the new year.

Valeria Lipovetsky

Lipovetsky is a jack of all trades; she's a mother, model, holistic nutritionist and beauty influencer. She's exactly the kind of woman you'll want to see more of in the new year if you're hoping for motivation not just in the beauty realm, but also in the getting-sh*t-done arena.

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