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Must Read: Off-White to Launch Swimwear, #MeToo Drives Black Dress Sales

Plus, Brooke Shields partners with QVC to launch a line of clothing and accessories.
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These are the stories making headlines in fashion on Tuesday.

Off-White to launch swimwear 
Virgil Abloh is serving up swim for the summer. Over the weekend, the serial collaborator and creator took to Instagram to share an image of a model wearing a black-and-white printed one-piece with the accompanying caption: "Outtakes from shooting SS18 women's Off-White™ SWIM." The teaser suit is styled with a bright orange, extra-long industrial belt, because you've always got to "make it fashion" – even at the pool. {Hypebae}

#MeToo drives black dress sales
Black is a neutral color in fashion, historically been worn to blend in or to exhibit some form of chic carelessness. But as of late, the shade has been emotionally and politically charged, thanks to the hundreds of Hollywood women who banded together in black at the Golden Globes to support the #MeToo and "Time's Up" movements. And since this red carpet blackout, retailers have reportedly seen a significant increase in the sale of black dresses. {Glossy}

Brooke Shields partners with QVC for a line of clothing and accessories 
Brooke Shields has worn many hats throughout her decades-long career in the spotlight, but she has yet to take on the role of fashion designer, until now. The 52-year-old actress and model has developed an apparel and accessories line for QVC which features a selection of feminine separates, including flowy tops and skirts, as well as an assortment of contemporary fashion jewelry. Shields will unveil her full collection on Feb. 15. {WWD}

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Malcolm X's daughters launch a fashion line
When Malcolm X was assassinated in 1965, he left behind a legacy of activism, as well as his six daughters. His children, now grown women, recently announced the launch of a new clothing line called Malcolm X Legacy, which will pay homage to their late father in the form of slogan sweatshirts, hats and T-shirts that feature famous Malcolm X quotes. {The New Yorker}

MIT scientists are developing color-changing accessories 
The scientists over at MIT are constantly engaged in groundbreaking, life-saving research, but their latest project also has the potential to drastically improve the struggles of getting dressed. A team of researchers in the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab have come up with a way to make objects change colors. In other words, they're creating a world in which you have the power to alter the color of a coat, bag or shirt, so it can go with whatever outfit you've dreamed up. {Quartz}

Avon explores a sale, but there's a limited pool of buyers
Avon shareholders are pushing for the cosmetics company to sell after its stock price declined more than 58 percent in 2017. Investors are also encouraging Avon to hire a new CEO, since the current woman-in-command plans to step down at the end of March. But if the company wants to execute a business turnaround, financial analysts told WWD, its board members should focus on hiring a new CEO, because at present, there are a very limited pool of potential buyers. {WWD}

Why everyone's suddenly talking about skin care
Earlier today, The Outline posted a piece called "The Skincare Con," which pretty much did as its title reads — attacked our skin-care routines. But fear not, loyal serum-users and sheet mask obsessives, because The Cut stepped in this afternoon with a counterargument praising the inclusionary, ritualistic and self-soothing elements of skin care. {The Cut}

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