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The Winged Eyeliner Tutorial That Will Make You Feel Like a Pro

Your cat-eye struggle ends here.
Photo: @tenipanosian/Instagram

Photo: @tenipanosian/Instagram

Beauty tutorials are big on YouTube — a search for "makeup tutorial" and "hair tutorial" yields more than five million videos. In this weekly series, we put a mix of popular and under-the-radar tutorials to the test and show you what's best.

Winged eyeliner is one of the most notoriously tricky makeup techniques, but with a bit of practice (and the right tutorial), it's actually completely doable — even for the perennial makeup struggler. Enter this video tutorial by beauty vlogger Teni Panosian, which breaks down how to master the skill (as well as a full makeup look) and turns it into a manageable, fully DIY-able process.

In the video, Panosian creates a throwback, '60s-esque look with exaggerated, thick winged eyeliner as the focal point. First up, she arms herself with Lancôme Grandiôse Liner, a product that itself makes the whole wing-drawing process far simpler, thanks to its tilting capabilities (more on the specifics of that here). Then she creates an intense wing, using a few simple tricks to make the process easier, like anchoring her hand with her pinky finger to keep the line smooth.

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