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You Can Cop the Blonde Wig From the Yeezy Season 6 Shoot — for $950

"Vogue" came through with news all aspiring Kim doppelgängers can use.

On Tuesday evening, Kim Kardashian made a stir (honestly, like, her third of the week, and it's only Wednesday) by taking directly to social media to share images of husband Kanye West's Yeezy Season 6 collection. The images featured a slew of Instagirls and even "Forever the OG," the one and only Paris Hilton, each styled to look like a clone (klone?) of herself.

While the overall styling was intended to mimic Kardashian's own recent errand-running shoot, it was indisputably the wigs that made each model such a perfect doppelgänger to the reality star. Center-parted, waist-length and platinum-blonde with dark, ashy roots, the strikingly specific hairstyle appeared as a constant across the photos.

So, of course the next logical question — after "Wait, that's Paris Hilton?" — is where to cop one of these Kardashian-transforming wigs for oneself. And luckily, Vogue came through with the answer. This "double tap-worthy hair," as the publication dubs it, comes courtesy of longtime Kardashian-Jenner wig master Tokyo Stylez, who has also worked with Naomi Campbell, Rihanna, Cardi B and (obviously) Kylie Jenner. On Stylez's website, he sells a variety of different wigs, but the one to focus in on here is the "Bone Straight Ice" style, and it'll run you a modest $950. At least that makes the latest KKW Fragrance launches — which are dropping on Thursday for $30 a pop — seem super reasonable?

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