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The Vitamin C Supplement Steph Relies on to Ward off Sickness and Wrinkles

This bright orange-goo is weird, kind of expensive — and completely worth it.
LivOn Labs Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C, $42, available here.

LivOn Labs Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C, $42, available here.

Vitamin C ranks among my top must-have skin-care ingredients. Yes, I use it topically — it's great for brightening skin and correcting dark spots, and I have a whole list of favorites I'd recommend (CosRx Triple C Lightning Liquid, Youth to the People Age Prevention Firm and Brighten Serum, DermaDoctor Kakadu C Serum). But that's not what I'm here to talk about right now. Instead, I'm going to sing the praises of my all-time favorite ingestible vitamin C: LivOn Labs Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C, a bright-orange goo that you gulp down with a glass of water once a day.

I first discovered this strange gel supplement a year or so ago on makeup artist Violette's Instagram. I never claimed to be immune to the power of influencers or cool French girls, but I do Iike to build up my immunity to sickness, and I rely on vitamins to help me get there. I was intrigued by how strange-looking this stuff was, yes, but also by the science behind it. The formula is supposedly absorbed into the body better than any other version of the supplement; with most vitamin C tablets, powders and even the kind that's present in the foods you eat, half of it is discarded by the body, meaning it never makes it into your blood stream. But according to LivOn Labs, the brand's "Lypo Spheric" version is specifically designed for optimal absorption. It wasn't until I started taking this stuff daily that I became fully convinced of its effectiveness.

The process of taking it definitely requires a little getting used to: It doesn't dissolve in water, and though it has no flavor, trust me when I say you don't want the slightly slimy gel to get stuck on your tongue or the back of your throat. It's just not a pleasant sensation. The brand recommends that you take it on an empty stomach, so I like to do so first thing in the morning, right after I brush my teeth but before I commence with my morning skin-care routine. The directions advise that you gulp a full packet down in one sip, suspended in an ounce or so of "your favorite cool beverage." (Trust me, you definitely want to just put this in water.) I take it like a shot and it's pretty painless, with no perceptible aftertaste.

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This bright orange-goo is weird and kind of expensive, so why do I continue to order it every single month? It works. Not only am I fully convinced it has prevented me from getting sick on plenty of occasions — I even avoided the flu epidemic that was sweeping the continental U.S. and Fashionista HQ — but it also has skin-related fringe benefits. As a potent antioxidant, vitamin C helps to protect skin and also has been shown to aid in collagen production. If taking this vitamin C goo every day is going to keep me from racking up sick days and also help my skin age better, sign me up.

From time to time, I'll post about it on my Instagram Stories, usually when I inevitably think to myself: Wow, this shit is weird-looking. (So, pretty often.) Once, my wellness-minded friend who has also used it replied, "Unfortch this shit is so effective it gives me the heebie-jeebies." That pretty much sums up everything you need to know.

LivOn Labs Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C, $42, available here.

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