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4 Unexpected Nail Polish Colors to Try Before They're Trendy

Plus, 16 of our favorite product picks for experimenting.
Backstage at Adam Selman's Spring 2018 runway show. Photo: Imaxtree 

Backstage at Adam Selman's Spring 2018 runway show. Photo: Imaxtree 

Unlike the way fashion trends trickle down from the runway with relative ease, (read: statement sleeves, fanny packs and matchy-matchy power suits), nail trends are often slower to infiltrate. They're inherently seasonal — pastels for spring, deep reds for holiday — but that doesn't mean we have to dig out the same light pinks and baby blues for spring 2018.

Instead, we turned to nail art connoisseur Eda Levenson, who goes by the apt moniker Lady Fancy Nails, to find out the top nail trends for the season ahead. In addition to working with Chromat — a brand she says is "leading the charge to make the fashion industry more inclusive, diverse and ethical" —for seven seasons, Levenson's created the nail art menu at the ultra-cool café-come-nail-salon Chillhouse, so it's safe to say she knows her stuff. 

Ahead, the top spring 2018 color trends she's most excited about. (Oh, and if you're looking to get more conceptual, her three favorite places for inspiration are @mimles,, and Cardi B's nail artist, @nailson7th.)

Unconventional Neutrals 

"I love all the neutral tones in the J. Hannah nail polish line," says Levenson. "[Designer Jess Hannah] creates really organic colors that are super stunning and vintage-y that are actually difficult to find, like Carob and Ghost Ranch. We recently partnered on an event and I designed some really fun nail art using some [shades] from her new palette."

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Poppy Red

"I'm very excited about wearing red nail art this season, like this," she says, referencing one of her own graphic black-and-red designs. "Red is classic for a reason — it's such a powerful, symbolic color and it can really transform whomever's wearing it." 

Ultra Violet

"The other [trend] I'm majorly excited about is of course Ultra Violet, the 2018 Pantone Color. I can't wait to rock some badass purple nails this year and give the traditionally feminine color some bold twists." 

Splashes of Yellow

"I love applying splashes of yellow to accent nail art. One of my favorite nail art designs to date is a set inspired by Yayoi Kusama's 'Yellow River', seen here."

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