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Quirky, Unexpected Hair Accessories Are All Over the Fall Runways

Think banana clips, pool noodles, bungee cords and even hair itself.
A look from Adam Selman's Fall 2018 collection. Photo: Imaxtree

A look from Adam Selman's Fall 2018 collection. Photo: Imaxtree

As New York Fashion Week soldiers on, we've seen a slew of unexpected trends grace the Fall 2018 runways: "Matrix" chic, acid-trip animal prints, Tonya Harding nails and even Cheetos. And while last season brought the scrunchie back with a vengeance, it's Fall 2018 that's proving to be an all-out hair accessory renaissance. The latest crop of runway-approved hair adornments is quirky, surprising and sometimes flat-out weird.

At Chromat, hairstylist Kien Hoang (for Oribe) translated the brand's sporty aesthetic quite literally, going so far as to wrap ultra-thin bungee cords around the back of models' heads, sticking them near the temples with adhesive. Another recreational accessory to make an appearance on the Chromat runway? The classic pool noodle. In at least one case, the summer childhood staple served as an architectural hat. Wacky!

On the Adam Selman runway, hairstylist James Pecis (for Oribe and Dyson) drew inspiration from Willie Nelson roadies, crafting a slightly messy, intentionally greasy style, which was in some cases adorned with a punky, heart-speckled, netted veil, as shown above.

The throwback banana clips that made an appearance at the Alexander Wang show were unexpected for sure, but if there's anyone who can bring back the much-scorned accessory, it's Wang and hairstylist Guido Palau (for Redken), both trend arbiters in their own rights. 

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But Wang wasn't the only show to feature a '90s-era hair accessory pulled from the depths of your middle school experience: At Prabal Gurung, hairstylist Anthony Turner (for Wella) busted out stretchy comb headbands — you know, the kind that scratched up your scalp back in the day? — pulling them back about three-quarters of the way on models' heads to create a slicked-back effect.

For Jonathan Simkhai, hairstylist Odile Gilbert (for Tresemmé) used thin, elastic chokers to create the silhouette of the hair, tucking it in against the models' necks. "I was inspired by the idea of a choker, but wanted to work it into the hair style for an edgy twist on the look," said Gilbert.

And then finally, there's what was arguably the zaniest accessory of all: hair itself. On the Christian Cowan runway, hairstylist Laurent Philippon (for Bumble and Bumble) created long, rope-like braids that hung down below models' waists, and then added additional hair extensions at the crown of the head, cropping them to a blunt, tassel-like shape on each side of the braid.

In gallery below, we've rounded up the most unconventional, show-stealing hair accessories from the fall runways. Click through to see them all.

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