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Rihanna Leans Into Logomania With a Very Guccified Outfit

Nothing but Gucci logos from head to toe.

Rihanna isn't the type to pledge all her fashion allegiance to one designer. With an endless roster of memorable looks pulled from established labels like Saint Laurent and Dolce & Gabbana, she also wears pieces from rising stars like Molly Goddard and Matthew Adams Dolan. Rih's M.O. seems to be a simple "if it looks good, wear it." But that's not to say that fashion's favorite bad gal doesn't sometimes step out dripping head-to-toe in pieces from one label. That was just the case with a Gucci look Rihanna posted to her Instagram on Wednesday, which was made up largely of recognizable Gucci gear.

Rihanna thoroughly Guccified herself by adopting numerous visual motifs that scream "Gucci" at once: First and most obviously, there's the interlocking "G" of the Gucci logo covering her tracksuit, but less prominent details include the horse-bit clasp on her Gucci purse and the red-and-green stripes on her sleeves (the latter of which have become hotly contested in court due to a Gucci vs. Forever 21 lawsuit). One of the subtlest details of the look, though, comes in the form of a dangly reptilian earring that Ri alludes to in the caption on her Instagram via — what else? — emoji. It's an earring that we can't 100 percent verify is Gucci, but with Alessandro Michele's penchant for the animal kingdom and, in particular, snakes and dragons, we'd be willing to make a bet. Add to all that a strappy green heel, leather coat and a simple red-lipped makeup look we're guessing involves Fenty Beauty, and you have a very compelling walking billboard for Gucci. Alessandro, you can start writing your thank-you note to Rihanna now.

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