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Must Read: Inside Russia's Fake Streetwear Market, New Report Highlights the Plight of Garment Workers

Plus, Anna Dello Russo is selling all her clothes.

These are the stories making headlines in fashion on Friday

Inside Russia's thriving fake streetwear market 
The second installment of Counterfeit Culture — Highsnobiety's ongoing documentary series on fashion's black market — explores the driving force behind Russia's thriving fake streetwear market. According to the 15-minute film, which you can watch above, Russia's counterfeit industry dates back to its Communist days when the country was isolated from Western goods. Now, many decades, revolutions and financial crashes later, a fragile economy has fueled Russia's demand for fakes. {Highsnobiety}

New report highlights the plight of garment workers 
In order to shed light on the working and living conditions of female garment workers, Microfinance Opportunities led a year-long investigation into the lives of 540 garments workers in three of the world's biggest fast-fashion export countries: Bangladesh, Cambodia and India. The report reveals that women in fashion factory work are severely underpaid and vastly overworked, particularly in Bangladesh: Out of all the countries, Bangladeshi women received the lowest compensation, and they worked over the legal limit of 60 hours a week for more than half of the time. {Dazed}

Anna Dello Russo on selling her clothes and moving out of the street style spotlight 
After years of editing fashion pages, Anna Dello Russo is selling her personal archive of sidewalk showstoppers and editing herself out of the internet age. In an interview with The New York Times, the 55-year-old street style fixture discusses killing her digital alter ego, becoming a fashion philosopher and moving on without her colorful pack of clothes. {The New York Times

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J.Crew to open Madewell shops in some of its stores
According to Racked, J.Crew and sister brand Madewell are rolling out a shop-in-shop store concept: Six J.Crew stores will get mini Madewell shops within them. Over the past few years, J.Crew has fared far worse than its younger counterpart amid sinking sales, so perhaps this is a move to amp up business for J.Crew while generating more brand visibility for Madewell. {Racked}

Beauty industry continues to thrive despite steep competition
The beauty industry is crowded with both mass market and niche brands fighting for the Snapchat story-long attention spans of millennial consumers. But despite the steep competition, beauty brands have weathered the retail storm by demonstrating that they know how to give their shoppers Instgrammable in-store experiences and by creating powerful e-commerce platforms. {WWD}

What's with all the soccer references in fashion lately? 
Soccer — globally known as football — is the most popular sport in the world, and as of late, soccer scarves and embellished soccer jerseys have become increasingly popular on the runway and on the backs of editors and street-style starlets. In a new piece for Garage, Calum Gordon explores fashion's latest obsession with the sport. {Garage}

The importance of brand distinction in the saturated beauty market
As previously stated above, the beauty industry is filled to the brim with brands poised to introduce millennials and Gen Z-ers to the next best glitter shadow and highlighter stick. But in order for these brands to be considered power players in a highly saturated and Kardashian-filled market, they must firmly differentiate themselves and assert their brand identity across all platforms to build emotional and personal connections with their shoppers. {WWD}

H&M and Aquafil collaborate on conscious collection
H&M has teamed up with the Italian company Aquafil to make sustainable fashion more accessible. Through this partnership, H&M's Conscious Exclusive collection  will incorporate pieces made using Aquafil's Econyl yarn, which is a regenerated nylon made from ocean waste. {Fashionista inbox}

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