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The Warm, Springy Roll-On Perfume Maura Might Just Have to Keep in Her Bag at All Times

Wild fig, bamboo and currant berries make for one delightful fragrance.
Fig Fiction Perfume Oil, $20, available at & Other Stories.

Fig Fiction Perfume Oil, $20, available at & Other Stories.

A couple of months ago, I went to a spring preview for & Other Stories, H&M's super-chic, higher-end sister line, at a plush suite in the Gramercy Park Hotel. In the bathroom stood an array of the brand's much-loved beauty offerings, leading me to walk out with one of my favorite-ever body products, the sold-out "Fig Fiction Body Oil," I've used in a while. The stuff is just great — I rub it into some of my dryer patches of skin immediately after I get out of the shower, before lotion — but it's the smell that's really charmed me. In official terms, the site's product copy describes it as the following: "Plump currant berries and exotic pink pepper tinged with the freshness of bamboo and wild fig are enhanced with Brazilian rosewood and dark plum." In me terms, it smells warm, fresh and vaguely musky, like your favorite jeans on a breezy summer afternoon in a slightly overgrown backyard.

What does that even mean? I don't know! Fragrances make us write the craziest things.

Regardless, I love the scent of the body oil so much (especially when it lingers on my clothes or pajamas, and I catch a whiff of it later) that I plan to buy the six-milliliter perfume oil version of it to keep in my bag and apply throughout the day. Even if I'm the only one who smells it, I don't really care — it's that delicious. Aromatherapy at its best!

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Fig Fiction Perfume Oil, $20, available at & Other Stories.

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