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These Might Be the Coolest Sustainably-Made Sunglasses Whitney's Ever Found

And they're actually affordable, too!
Carleen Anderson frames, $35, available at Bambooka.

Carleen Anderson frames, $35, available at Bambooka.

Because it grows back quickly and can be cultivated without pesticides, bamboo is highly-favored as an eco-friendly raw material. So, it's not surprising that a host of environmentally-conscious brands incorporate bamboo into their offerings, using it to replace plastic or acetate in everything from toothbrushes to sunglasses. What is surprising is the fact that I have never, before this week, seen sunglasses made from bamboo that I actually liked — and I've seen more than my share of bamboo sunglasses.

This is why I was so excited that Bambooka, a sustainably made eyewear brand that uses its profits to support people- and planet-centric nonprofits, has succeeded in making a pair of bamboo sunglasses that I actually want to wear for aesthetic reasons. The shape is Matrix-y and weird in just the right way, making these shades cool enough for fashion week, but the natural colors mean they're versatile, too. Add to that the fact that at $35 a pop, they're shockingly affordable, and you've got a pretty perfect pair of sunnies. Consider me sold.

Carleen Anderson frames, $35, available at Bambooka.

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