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If Whitney Buys These Shoes, Will Spring Arrive Sooner?

I'm trying to manifest the future I want through footwear.

I'm doing that thing I do every year, where I start to believe in my heart that spring is happening just because there has been one day of warmth in the middle of a lot of days that are clearly winter. Never mind the fact that half of New York City is shutting down tonight for a projected snowstorm! Never mind that we're back to freezing temperatures after one blessed day of 70-degree weather last week! I have had a taste of spring, and I am not ready to give it up. 

While I'm fantasizing about a season that has definitely not arrived yet, I might as well fantasize about a shopping spree I will not be going on, right? To that end, I present these lovely platform sandals from Charlotte Stone. I dig the fact that they're made by a company that carefully sources its leather in Tuscany, produces in factories that the founder has had a decade-plus relationship with and boasts massive recycling programs for leather scraps in addition to packaging waste. It's good to know that they're a sensible choice from an ethics perspective, even if not from a weather perspective (yet).

Raf wedge, $296, available at Charlotte Stone.

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