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Maura Finally Settled on Her Perfectly Boring Go-To Nail Polish

Essie's "Perennial Chic" is just that.
Essie "Perennial Chic," $9, available here.

Essie "Perennial Chic," $9, available here.

Before New York Fashion Week last month, I got my first manicure in nearly five months. (I got that one, of course, just before the last New York Fashion Week in September). I think my nail technician was a little alarmed when I broke the news to her, but I could be reading into it too much: I'm someone who used to paint her nails every single Sunday without fail for years, only stopping recently because, well, I just ran out of time and got sick of having to reserve half-hour blocks during the week to take care of touch-ups. I generally keep my hands in fair shape anyway, but the last few months of never wearing a color have conditioned me to sort of, uh, hate colored nail polish. I never thought I'd get here, but here I am.

So I conducted a sweeping search for the most perfectly boring polish I could find. Seriously, the more boring, the better (and, in my opinion, the chicer). I recently landed on this classic from Essie called, appropriately, "Perennial Chic." It's a really excellent, nude for my olive-y skin tone, and it might just convince me to start wearing nail polish with some regularity again. In the meantime, I'll hold onto it for those occasions in which I need to have my nails painted — i.e., for the next fashion month.  

Essie "Perennial Chic," $9, available here.

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