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Madonna and Kim Kardashian Are, Unsurprisingly, Full of Beauty Advice

And yes, Kardashian has random celebrities texting her to ask what work they should get done.
Photo: @kimkardashian/Twitter

Photo: @kimkardashian/Twitter

When I got an invitation to witness a "beautiful conversation" with Madonna and a "special guest" in Los Angeles relating to the pop icon's MDNA skin-care line, I didn't really give much thought to who the special guest would be because I didn't really care: MADONNA was going to be there. Whoever it was would obviously pale in comparison. But I won't lie: When I learned it would be fellow icon and successful celebrity beauty entrepreneur Kim Kardashian, my excitement swelled a bit, just picturing the two of them talking to each other. 

That's right: I've been Fashionista's West Coast editor (and lived in LA) for barely a year, and while I have yet to go on a single hike or find a good dentist, I have met Kim Kardashian twice.

Tuesday night, when this beautiful conversation — moderated by YouTuber and "Glam Masters" judge Kandee Johnson — took place before an intimate audience of writers, editors and bloggers, was not the first time the two mega-stars had met, either. Apparently, when Kardashian and her sisters were younger, they lived next-door to Madonna's manager, with whom Madonna actually lived for a short time. "Our parents were good friends with her manager, so we'd walk their dog after school. Every day, we'd go over and we would see Madonna. We were shaking," said Kardashian, referring to herself and Kourtney.

Madonna added that they were "moody" at the time. "It was a moody phase," confirmed Kardashian, continuing the anecdote.

"I remember her coming in in ripped jeans and a white T-shirt and combat boots and she had dark, short hair and this leather jacket and she just walked in and said,'You know what, girls, I'm over these bracelets,' and took off her bracelets and gave us these black rubber bracelets." Unfortunately, the kids at school did not believe the sisters when, asked where they got their bracelets they replied, "Madonna gave them to us."

It wasn't the only time the two icons crossed paths serendipitously: While at her parents' beach house, Kardashian also ended up stumbling upon Madonna's oceanside video shoot for "Cherish." Madonna heard that story for the first time on stage. "Did you meet Herb Ritts?" she asked. Kardashian, who, to be fair, would have been eight or nine at the time, didn't know.

Of course, the two entrepreneurs were ultimately there to talk beauty, and that they did. From Madonna's eye de-puffing trick to Kardashian's side hustle as a dermatological consultant, read on for the highlights from all they had to say while misting themselves repeatedly with MDNA's apparently amazing rose spray on stage.

Madonna has to de-puff her eyes before anyone can speak to her in the morning

"I sleep on my face, so I wake up with puffy eyes — it's disgusting," she claimed. "When I wake up, my eyes look like small planets." To remedy this, she uses her own MDNA eye masks, which she keeps in the freezer, first thing in the morning, sometimes in conjunction with cryo sticks. "I can't function or speak to anybody or deal with life until my eyes are not planets anymore and then people can talk to me, including my children," she said, adding that she was actually just kidding about that last part — her kids can talk to her before the eye masks. "Kids are the only ones that get to see you ugly, right?" she said to Kardashian, who agreed.

Kardashian's mornings are insane

Kardashian said she wakes up at 5 a.m. every morning to work out at her mom's house, which is next-door to her own. Madonna, shocked at this information, concluded that was why she left the Oscars party they were at together so early — early being 3 a.m. "I had to do carpool," said Kardashian. "Kourtney stayed out 'til almost six." Her morning beauty routine is more low-maintenance, she said, since she has to take her kids to school. She just brushes her teeth and, on that particular post-Oscars morning, used a face wipe and MDNA's rose spray, which both stars obsessed over all evening. "I feel like if I spray water on me I'm gonna have more energy," said Madonna.

Madonna's beauty icons are mostly listed in her "Vogue" song

"Marilyn Monroe and Marlene Dietrich and Rita Hayworth, and obviously... I said all the names in my song, 'Vogue,' but they were the personification of beauty to me," she said when asked about her beauty inspirations. "They all looked like they took good care of their skin; I'm not sure what they looked like in real life, but they had good lighting."

"They hardly got any pictures taken of them, especially from 5,000 crazy angles," said Kardashian sardonically.

Kris Jenner got schooled in beauty while she was a stewardess

A fun fact about Kris Jenner, who was in the audience (!), is that she used to be a flight attendant, a role that obviously takes a toll on your skin. According to Kardashian, Jenner would go to beauty classes for stewardesses and still uses what she learned. "She learned that you should exfoliate your face with a hot washcloth at every washing, so she's lived by that," said Kardashian.

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Madonna can pinpoint when she started to care about the way she looked

Asked when her interest in beauty began, Madonna says it was when she started dancing. "When I started doing shows on stage and having people look at me in audiences and directors of my dance company scrutinizing me... When you become aware that people are watching you and judging you, then you start thinking about the way you look," she said. "Until then, you're mercifully spared the rigors of self judgement."

And so can Kardashian

This rang true for Kardashian. "Our first season of filming our show, we didn't get our hair and makeup done and it was just us, and then season two, it was like full-force," she said. (That's also around the time she met makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic, it's worth noting.)

Madonna doesn't regret any of her aesthetic choices

"I've had a lot of bad hair moments, but I don't regret anything," she said of the many looks she's adopted over the years to go along with various albums. "They're like my children, so I don't like to play favorites."

Kardashian feels she should just stop going outside

Kardashian, on the other hand, is apparently filled with regret. Asked about cringe-y moments, she said there are "so many." 

"All the time — usually it's bad angles or lighting, day lighting... I should just never go out in the daylight. It's so bad."

Kardashian is obsessed with giving people — even strangers — extensive beauty advice

"I love giving advice though, people always come to me. I love analyzing someone's face and going with them to a doctor, and being like, wait, a little Botox here…" she said. And it's not just people she knows. "People write me, I will not say who, but some people in the business, some people who I've never even met before, will text me and say, 'Hey, this is is so-and-so, I hear you give the best advice,' they'll send me pictures and say, 'Tell me what you think I should do.'"

Their holy grail beauty products are...

Kardashian: concealer. Madonna: face spray. (You can guess which one.)

And their forthcoming product launches...

Watch out for KKW's collaboration with her makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic and her forthcoming concealers, which she says are "the best."

MDNA Skin is launching The Reinvention Cream, which uses extracts from what is actually called a "resurrection plant," and patented thermal waters and acts as a lotion, serum, cream and a mask all in one.

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