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The Candle That Makes Steph's Apartment Smell Like Spring

Even if the weather outside isn't quite there yet.
Otherland Canopy candle, $36, available here.

Otherland Canopy candle, $36, available here.

We have finally arrived on the other side of February, and yet the weather outside doesn't look like it's inching anywhere closer to spring-like, at least here in NYC. So while my apartment needs another candle like it needs fewer square feet of storage space (aka not at all), I'm happy to have recently discovered this lush, green, spring-y one from Insta-cool candle brand, Otherland. 

I received a three-pack selection of the brand's scents in a press mailing, and "Canopy," an earthy, ever-so-faintly sweet blend of fig and ivy green notes was the clear standout. With an aroma that evokes those first few days it's finally warm enough for the daffodils start poking up out of the ground, or the clean, damp dewiness of the morning after a rainstorm, it's a nice change of pace from the cozy candles I've been favoring all winter. There's a certain brightness to the scent that makes it energizing and mood-boosting — just like that spring weather I've heard so much about.

I'm also a fan of the coconut-and-soy wax blend, chic packaging and completely reasonable price tag. All of that combined makes this a truly *chef's kiss* candle, indeed. 

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Otherland Canopy candle, $36, available here.

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