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19 Gingham Dresses and Skirts That Will Put the Spring in Your Step (and Wardrobe)

See what we did there?
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It is officially spring, and you know what that means: It's time to bust our your best gingham pieces.

If you've been avoiding gingham out of fear that you'll end up looking too sweet or, worse, like a picnic blanket, this is the year to invest. Designers are experimenting with the timeless print in all kinds of colors, sizes and shapes, which means there's something out there for a wide variety of tastes. The obvious way to take gingham is in the romantic direction — it lends itself naturally to dreamy pastels and plenty of ruffles. But it can also be taken in cooler, edgier directions, whether its the inclusion of bright vinyl pockets or a quirky trompe l'oeil effect. And finally, you just can't beat ladylike gingham pieces with structured bodices and full skirts. 

So pick your gingham poison: No matter which way you take it, this is the print that's guaranteed to dominate your warm weather wardrobe.

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