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Must Read: Stoneman Douglas Students Cover 'Teen Vogue,' Investors Search for Fashion Unicorns

Plus, Cannes is banning red-carpet selfies.
Gif: Tyler Mitchell/Teen Vogue

Gif: Tyler Mitchell/Teen Vogue

These are the stories making headlines in fashion on Friday.

Stoneman Douglas gun violence survivors cover Teen Vogue
Emma González transfixed the nation with her gut-wrenching speech about gun control after the Stoneman Douglas shooting, and now she — along with fellow activist teen peers — are on the first ever "moving cover" of Teen Vogue. González also penned the issue's cover story on why the next generation needs gun control. {Teen Vogue}

Investors are looking for the next fashion unicorn
Two years ago, small companies like Stadium Goods or Naadam wouldn't have been on LVMH's radar, but investors from Silicon Valley and at big conglomerates are increasingly interested in brands with a genuinely unique offering that can challenge established players. "The idea is to make bets on emerging but already iconic brands," LVMH's head of luxury ventures said. {GQ}

Cannes is officially banning selfies on the red carpet
Fed up with the way that selfies slow down foot traffic and "trivialize" the grandeur of the event, Cannes's festival director and president have decided to officially ban the "ridiculous and grotesque" practice of self-snapping. Celebs, you've been warned. {The Hollywood Reporter}

Meet Phluid, a thoroughly genderless retail space
While there are plenty of unisex brands in the world (think Gypsy Sport and Dr. Martens), gender-free store Phluid is taking things to the next level by selling those labels in a space that features custom-built genderless mannequins, open-to-all dressing rooms and store associates who themselves eschew the traditional binary. {i-D}

The "sweat beret" is a thing now
If your comfiest sweatpants and favorite beret had a love child, it would be the Champion x BEAMS Boy "sweat beret." Is that a good thing or a bad thing? Public opinion is split, but we still wouldn't be surprised if this topper becomes a hot item amongst the streetwear crowd. {i-D}

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Christian Siriano spent $50,000 shipping Oscars gowns
Christian Siriano revealed in a radio interview that he spent about $50,000 on FedEx shipments to get his gowns to Oscars attendees. "Most [stylists] don't have a budget for shipping," he said. "It's so much money to make these custom things and send them around the world." {Page Six}

American consumers will likely bear the brunt of Trump's tariffs
If Trump follows through with a tariff on Chinese products as he is expected to, it could make a lot of products more expensive for Americans, as companies like Walmart, Nike and Amazon are expected to pass costs along to customers rather than absorbing them. {Business of Fashion}

Reformation launches more vintage online and in stores
Reformation may be trying to make its in-house line as sustainable as possible, but it still recognizes that shopping vintage is always the eco-friendliest option. To that end, the brand launched its second collection of limited-run vintage selections online this week, in addition to selling a regularly-replenished stock of vintage picks at its Lower East Side New York store. {Fashionista inbox}

Sara Sampaio says she felt "violated" by men's mag
Model Sara Sampaio told PorterEdit that she "felt violated" by men's magazine Lui, which published revealing imagery of her without her consent. "I have done nudity in the past, but I don't do nudity for men's magazines," Sampaio said. "I don't want to show my boobs to a men's magazine." {PorterEdit}

Miroslava Duma exits Buro 24/7
Russian entrepreneur Miroslava Duma announced via Instagram that she sold her stake in Buro 24/7, the digital media brand she co-founded. Some sources believe that the move is tied to the fact that Buro 24/7's ad sales dropped in the wake of the controversy surrounding racist and transphobic comments from Duma. {WWD}

Homepage photo: Tyler Mitchell/Teen Vogue

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