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Must Read: Tommy Hilfiger on How Gigi Hadid Reinvigorated His Brand, H&M Profits Are at an All-Time Low

Plus, the seven sustainability measures fashion executives should prioritize in 2018.
Gigi Hadid and Tommy Hilfiger at Tommy x Gigi's Spring 2018 show. Photo: Imaxtree 

Gigi Hadid and Tommy Hilfiger at Tommy x Gigi's Spring 2018 show. Photo: Imaxtree 

These are the stories making headlines in fashion on Tuesday.

Tommy Hilfiger on how Gigi Hadid reinvigorated his brand
At WWD's inaugural Tokyo summit, Tommy Hilfiger spoke about bringing his brand into the digital age and reigniting the dazzle of his all-American sportswear with "see now, buy now" show formats and collaborations with supermodel-influencer Gigi Hadid. Hilfiger also teased that a big Tommy x Gigi announcement is coming soon. {WWD}

H&M profits are at an all-time low
On Tuesday, H&M reported its lowest first-quarter profit in 16 years. The company's poor performance is in part due to unseasonal weather: January started off unusually warm in Europe and was followed by a brutal wave of cold in February. As a result, the Swedish fast fashion retailer was forced to drastically cut prices to clear large amounts of inventory. {Business of Fashion}

The sustainability measures fashion executives should prioritize in 2018
The Global Fashion Agenda — the non-profit sustainability forum that hosts the Copenhagen Fashion Summit — has released a new report outlining the seven sustainability measures that fashion executives should prioritize in 2018. The report is organized by core priorities that require immediate action and longer-term transformational priorities, and it offers advice on how CEOs can address these priorities. {Business of Fashion}

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Will Riccardo Tisci make sense at Burberry? 
At Givenchy, Riccardo Tisci established himself as a dark romanticist, but how will he translate his signature design aesthetic into checks and trenches as the new chief creative officer at Burberry? And what's more, the British heritage brand is as inextricably linked to London as fish and chips, and touts itself as an inclusive, accessible brand, which is something that Tisci — who's a red carpet whisperer and dresser of Kim Kardashian — isn't exactly familiar with. In a new piece for Business of Fashion, Alexandra Shulman, the former editor-in-chief of British Vogue, weighs in on whether Tisci makes sense at Burberry. {Business of Fashion

How fashion will fare in Trump's trade war
Earlier this month, President Trump took to Twitter to praise trade wars. Thankfully, a full-blown crusade between China and the U.S. has not broken out, but a slew of big retailers have already spoken out for fear that the fashion industry could be in real danger. In fact, many of those retailers, who rely on China-made fashion products, penned a letter to Trump that urged against tariffs on China, because doing so would force them to raise the prices on their goods. {Business of Fashion

Key statistics designed to help designers and retailers prepare for the the changes striking fashion
WWD compiled a list of helpful facts and statistics on sneakerheads, men's social media habits, Chinese millennial consumers and the number of brands who held coed shows for fall, in order to prepare retailers and designers for the changes striking fashion. According to the report, the fashion world must brace for a men's wear boom as men's wear is expected to outpace women's wear over the next two years. {WWD

Dries Van Noten is reportedly looking for a deal
According to WWD, multiple sources have revealed that Dries Van Noten has approached private equity funds and multibrand fashion groups looking for a deal. In addition, the Belgian designer reportedly hired Elsa Berry's Vendôme Global Partners to bring in an investor. The Antwerp-based fashion house has a loyal ready-to-wear and footwear following, and WWD estimates the size of the business at just under $100 million. {WWD}

Away expands to include travel accessories 
Away, media people's chic luggage of choice, is venturing outside the regular suitcase territory and is introducing a line of travel accessories called "Plus Ones." The collection includes a water-resistant garment bag, a carry-all with a laptop compartment and umbrella pocket, and a small bag designed to store your liquids and toiletries. {Fashionista Inbox} 

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